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The oldest part of the museum, the Viking Ship Hall, is constructed as a showcase around five Viking ships - the Skuldelev wrecks found in Roskilde Fjord in 1962.

During the late Viking Age, a system of barriers were established on Roskilde Fjord, making it possible to control the sea routes to one of Denmark's great royal and ecclesiastical cities.
Three worn-out ships were towed to the narrowest point, just outside the village of Skuldelev. The ships were filled with stones and sunk in Peberrenden, the most direct route to Roskilde, the sailing channel. After twenty years, the barrier was reinforced with two more ships. An effective defense system was created.

A thousand years later an iron cofferdam was driven into the seabed around the barrier. One of the most significant excavations in Denmark began...
Viking Ship Museum HarborReconstructed Viking "Sea Stallion" ShipReconstructed Viking "Sea Stallion" ShipViking Ship HallThe Five Viking ShipsSkuldelev 3:  The Coastal TraderSkuldelev 3:  The Coastal TraderSkuldelev 3:  The Coastal TraderSkuldelev 1:  The Ocean-Going TraderSkuldelev 1:  The Ocean-Going TraderModel of Reconstructed Skuldelev 6:  The Fishing VesselReconstructed Skuldelev 6: The Fishing VesselReplica of Viking Ship Cargo HoldViking FashionReplica of Viking Ring HouseRoskilde Fjord