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Cappadocia (Central Anatolian Volcanic Province):
  • Mainly the volcanoes Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasan and earthquakes formed the Central Anatolian or Nevsehir Plateau.
  • Rock formations comprised of tufa and basalt resulted from lava flow, ash and mud that poured from volcanic eruptions beginning 14 million years ago.
  • Fairy chimneys and other bizarre-shaped rocks were formed by continual erosion.
  • Hittites settled in area: 18th - 12th Centuries B.C;
  • Persians: 6th - 4th Centuries B.C;
  • Romans: A.D. 17 - 4th Century;
  • Byzantine Greeks: 4th - 11th Centuries;
  • Turks: 12th Century.
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